the facts

At a certain point, every single email list will contain more and more unvalid, unresponsive, flagged or graylisted eamil addresses. Why? Because accounts are cancelled on daily basis, businesses are constantly closing, executives changing, and 24% of the consumer population moves every year.

The success of your email marketing depends on how clean your email lists are. With an efficient email verification, you can preserve your sender reputation and maximize ROI.

how can we help you?

We are talking about a complex, 7-steps validation process, which will ultimately lead to an increased deliverability, an improved overall email performance and a greater return on investment for your email marketing program!

Also, our smart validating engine validates email addresses without having to send out any emails, so there’s zero risk of your lists users receiving unsolicited email during the validation process (emulating the behavior of common mail exchangers and employing the SMTP protocol wisely)!

performed tasks

1) Email syntax validation: a complete syntactical email validation that obeys all relevant IETF standards

2) Domain & DNS check: DNS record validation for each email address (flagging addresses belonging to invalid, non-working and parked domains)

3) Mailbox existence check: checking to see if an email address exists (without having to send emails or notify the target)

4) Mail exchanger (MX) test: detecting email addresses which do not have a valid mail exchanger

5) Temporary unavailability detection: detecting temporary mailbox unavailability (such as mailbox over quota errors) and automatically retrying each address multiple times at specific intervals and return precise validation results

6) Role account detection: detecting and flagging role accounts - these are spammy addresses not belonging to a real person

7) Disposable address (DEA) detection: detecting temporary email addresses generated by certain free services on the Internet, collectively known as disposable email address providers (Mailinator, 10MinuteMail, GuerrillaMail, TempInbox, MailEater, TrashMail, etc.)

How it works

1. scroll down, and check out the available packages

2. make your choice and complete the payment

3. you'll be contacted by our staff within 12-48 hrs in order to submit your email list

4. once the validation process has been completed, you'll receive a detailed report

5. all sales are final

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