coopsignups.com terms

By using our services at coopsignups.com you agree that you have read these terms, understand them, and agree to be bound by them.

Users are completely responsible for the content they promote using coopsignups.com. Users are responsible for ensuring they have the rights to promote a URL, and any content it contains. Coopsignups.com is not responsible if a user is in violation of another legal agreement, copyright infringement, or any other issues. We reserve the right to review accounts and suspend them for any fradulent suspicious activity.

Make sure your URL does not violate our URL rules. If you violate any of these rules, your site will be deleted along with your order and the money back guarantee! Please read the next rules very carefully: no sites with illegal activity; no frame-breaking sites; no viruses, trojans, or any kind of spyware; no adult content; racist, no discriminating, vulgar, and illegal materials of any kind; The coopsignups.com team has the full right to delete any site, banner or order that is inappropriate or questionable. The banner submissions will follow the same guidelines. We hold rights to reject your website for any reason and you will be informed about details via your contact email.

You agree to receive our newsletters and emails, but we will never rent, sell, trade, or otherwise share your information with anyone at anytime unless required by law.

Payments will not be paid to other people on your behalf. We will be sending to your paypal account only. Starting a PayPal dispute BEFORE contacting us in order to solve your problem, will cause your immediate permanent suspension. False information in profiles can also lead to the suspension of your account and loss of any funds and rights.

You are aware by purchasing our services that we are selling you just sign-ups and visits which come from different people and we can not guarantee their further actions with the website you are promoting.

The money back guarantee is available only for our sign-up services. It can not be used or requested for any other services delivered by coopsignups.com. The traffic-campaign fees are NOT refundable! Due to nature of signups services and web traffic services, after an order is completed we cannot refund your money. The money will be refunded only if you haven't received the sign-ups. The refunded money will be always 100% of what you have paid to us.

coopsignups.com owners reserve the right to amend it's ToS at anytime and the right to modify or change any of these terms at any time without notice to you;

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